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The Guest Post: Top Five All Time Favourites

The guest post has made yet another return this week with my lovely friend Bambi (okay, her name's Amber but old habits die really hard!) taking the reigns. She has impeccable taste when it comes to beauty products (and has a love for high end products like I do) and alongside being a student she's an amazing writer, so she was one of the first people I thought of when it comes to a blog take over. Today she'll be walking us through a few of her favourite products...
"Estée Lauder Doublewear Stay-In-Place Makeup SPF 10 is my holy grail foundation as it provides flawless full coverage with a very matte finish. I have ventured away from it in the past, enticed by the bright lights of the other high-end counters but I always return to this foundation. I sometimes mix in the Doublewear with either Chanel Vitalumiére or Mac Studio Fix Fluid to make the fluid a bit more dewy and less drying, but Doublewear will always be my key base foundation as I find it pretty faultless.

When doing my eyes, the Chanel Ombrés Contraste Eyeshadow Duo in Taupe – Délicat is my absolute staple product. I softly fill my eyebrows in with the matte brown shadow out of this pair, using a Mac 208 angled brush. I then use the Taupe shadow on the whole of my eyelid for a subtle nude glow or just under the eyebrow to slightly highlight.

The best bronzer for any skin tone has to be Hoola by Benefit. Contouring is a breeze with this buildable bronzer; there is no nasty 'orange' tone that you sometimes get from some cheaper brands and it lasts for ages. Every girl should have this in her collection.

As a uni student I go out clubbing a fair bit and I always need a powder that is durable; Max Factor Crème Puff in Translucent is definitely that. Sometimes it is a little heavy for a powder but applied correctly it can completely save a sweaty face on a night out!

When off to the library or lecture dates, I opt for the subtly shimmery Chanel Rouge Allure in Incognito on the lips. It is a great ‘your lips but better’ colour and does wonders for any blondie. On a night out, I’m more ‘go hard or go home’ and opt for the beautiful Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in the statement shade Starry Eyed (128). This deep purple gives my feminine style a little bit of an edge which I really like.

Bonus Product: I know it’s not technically a make-up piece, but my life would seriously be in tatters without Elnett Satin Very Volume Extra Strength. I use it everyday because I am a major curl/hot roller addict. Personally, when my hair is bigger, it is most definitely better! (Suzie knows this too well haha)" Editors Note: Bambi has seriously amazing hair - the next time I feel like curling - I'll be picking up a can of this!

So last time, Ruby had me lusting after the Topshop Lipstick in Brighton Rock (purchased today - Oops) and now Bambi has me drooling over her Chanel number. I might have a slight addiction but we'll ignore that and just focus on how great it feels to have a nosy through someones makeup bag! A massive thank you to Bambi for this post as she is living the third year uni student nightmare at the moment! Maybe we'll see some more of her once she's finished and back in her home town...

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  1. I absolutely love Hoola. I agree with you, it works perfectly on anyone's skin complexion!

  2. All these products look amazing (and definitely make me crave to pop into Boots). You should definitely keep doing this guest posts they're brilliant! Xx

  3. Totally agree with Hoola, Its amazing and gives you a summer bronze without looking orange. x

  4. love Doublewear, may try out that powder too! x

  5. i love these posts! and i so agree with hoola, i'm super pale but i can wear it!

    chloe @chlowitty blogs

  6. I love these posts because I am so nosy! Lovely to read! xxx

  7. Double Wear is a firm favourite, it just can look cakey on my dry skin.

  8. Loveee Hoola, such an amazing bronzer <3
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  9. I really need to try out Hoola - heard so many great things about it :)

    I adore Double Wear, definitely a firm favourite in my collection <3

    Sarah @ xx

  10. I love most of these but really struggle with Hoola - I am naturally very tanned and Hoola is one of the bronzers that just doesn't seem to work on my skin tone. I think it's because it is such a deep brown, I need one with more of a golden undertone.

    Rimmell lasting finish lipsticks are fantastic though!

    Becky x

  11. Love Benefit Hoola bronzer!!! I really want to try out that Estee Lauder foundation too! :) ♥

  12. I bought this foundation, and the women said i can bring it bk if the colour match isnt right, and its not :( what colour do u use?!i think im too embaressed to go bk

  13. I love Hoola! Such a lovely bronzer! xx

  14. Still need to try Hoola! Really wish it wasn't so expensive though. Will have to swatch it next time I browse their stands

    Paula ♥ | xo


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