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The Makeup: New Things

It might be pouring with rain (or snowing if your in London or up north) on a weekly basis at the moment. But whether the weather agrees with me or not - not usually being the case - Spring is in full swing for me. The wardrobe has had a good old spring clean (more on that next week) and my winter coats are now firmly tucked away under the bed, my makeup drawer has also been re-arranged and in doing this I couldn't quite help but pick up a few new pieces to pop in to a couple of empty slots...

A few weeks back I took the plunge and picked up two lip products I'd been lusting  after for a good month or so. Macs Patisserie Lipstick and the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfecter in Nude. The rumors about Patisserie are completely true - it is a "your lips but better shade" and I hate that phrase! The Clarins Lip Perfector is the most perfect, over priced, but amazingly worth it gloss I've ever come across. I couldn't even tell you exactly what makes it so. I chose nude just to make sure it went with a variety of lip colours, and it is just the most perfect gloss - no sticky-ness, just a beautiful Millie Mackintosh-esk gloss. *Drools*

Next up are two products that were purchased on route to Center Parcs. I know - how on earth did I manage that!? Well we took a little stop off at Gumwarf Queys Shopping Outlet and I stumbled across a little place called the Costmetics Company. Beauty products in this place come with a nice little discount - some being from previous collections or discontinued items, and the others? Well I'm honestly just not sure... I spent a good half an hour looking at everything twice, or even three times when it came to the Bobbi Brown and MAC sections. I was super lucky that the only Creamy Concealers they had were in the shade sand - I had always suspected I would be this shade and after swatching and gawping at the discounted price, I snatched it up! It's definitely a concealer for more oily skinned girls, as I find on colder days it can be quite drying, but perfect for summer when it finally comes around. I also picked up a peachy pink lip liner by MAC in the shade "What Comes Naturally". I love this for exaggerating my lips slightly, and following up with Patisserie and the Clarins Lip Perfector over the top - brilliant for making my lips look huge without using bold colours!

The final two items were more recent purchases and are both fairly new releases. The Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush in Pinched was pretty hard to find, but I hunted one down over the weekend. It's the prefect natural peachy/brown blush. Very subtle but still amazing when applied with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush. I also gave in and picked up the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in 07. Very similar to Macs Girl About Town, this is an amazingly shocking pick that sits in the middle on the warm/cool toned scale. I love it and am waiting for the perfect spring day to crack this baby out!

Okay, okay. So I went a little lip product crazy and spent a little too much money. You won't tell will you? No? Good. We'll just keep this our secret and I'll hide my bank card until my next payday...


  1. What Comes Naturally is a beautiful shade, I love it! xxx

  2. lovely, really want to try the Patisserie lipstick!

  3. You're so talented in photography. I could take the same picture and it would look like crap. | nyc style blog

  4. I loved this post! Mac patisserie sounds good, I'll be heading a Mac counter soon so I might pick this up! xxx
    Amy |

  5. Patisserie looks lovely! I really love your photography style Suzie :) xxx

  6. Want to try patisserie so bad!

  7. That's some really nice purchases! :-)

  8. I really like how you have styled these photos and I love the colour of the Mac lipstick.


  9. I am such a sucker for lip products too! The Mac lip liner looks like a great colour for the summer, when it finally comes.


  10. these all look amazing! really want the lipstick x

  11. The bourjois colour looks amazing, such a pop of colour! :)

    Pipp xx

  12. I also got me two new Clarins Instant Lip Perfectors (in 02 and 05), they're just amazing! Can't blame you on buying that much lipproducts.. Sometimes a woman just NEEDS it..


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