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The Review: Nars Light Reflecting Loose Powder

A while ago a little bird whispered the words "Nars" and "light reflecting powder" to me. I've been loving a glowing, healthy looking finish recently, but come summer I want to avoid looking like I've got puddles on my face. So these four words remained embedded in my brain until the next upcoming payday when I dashed off to Space NK to search and swatch my little heart out.

The Nars Light Reflecting Powder comes in two forms; pressed and loose. I was originally considering picking up the pressed version - less mess and far more space savvy when it comes to lobbing it in your handbag. However, when swatching I found it was difficult to pick up product even using my fingers - so how my fluffy brush would be able to pick up enough product I don't know. For more dry skinned days this very fine amount of product would have been fine - but I need powders in the summer when I sweat my bum of in my standard sprint to work. So I opted for the loose powder instead.

The loose powder is pretty similar to the pressed version, aside from obviously being far easier to grab product (note: a light hand is certainly needed as over applying this can leave a slight white sheen - barely noticeable but still worth noting), it also has marginally less shimmer, making the finish slightly more matte than it's pressed counter part. It's not completely matte like other powders I've tried, so as long as there's a little glow I can live with that! I use it after applying my foundation and concealers to set the base, and to give any powder cheeks products applied after a little more longevity.

I picked the powder up from Space NK for £25, it's not cheap by any means but in comparison to other high end powders I've seen, it's not the worst. Next up I'll be on the hunt for its budget counter part - watch this space!


  1. It looks really good and the price isn't too bad either! xxx

  2. Ooo this sounds quite exciting. I use the ELF HD powder as my translucent powder but this sounds pretty.

  3. I am hearing more and more about this product and so many people are raving about it.
    It is good for people who want a powder that would still look alive on their face as they apply it!

  4. This sounds really good!

    Jamie ♥

  5. This sounds lovely! I'll have to check it out :) xx

  6. Great review, I eyed this up on the Nars website so I'm glad to read a review. I'll definitely swatch next time I'm in a store Xx

  7. looks phenomenal!

  8. Love this post Suzie - I'm always super picky with powders. May have to give this one a go! X

  9. I need to try this. Love loose powders, bare minerals have to be my favourite

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  10. Oww not cheap at all, but i bet its amazing on the skin!!
    Pipp xx

  11. I have the pressed version which I really like but you're right, it's hard to get out the pan!!

    Stacey xxx

  12. This sounds amazing, I love Nars. Must try!,

    great post & lovely blog. Follwed.

    My Fashion/Beauty Blog.

  13. This sounds lovely! I love light reflecting facial powders and I'm definitely not a matte girl!

    Gem x

  14. budget counter part: elf HD powder, I would never dream of setting my makeup for a night out with anything else!!!

  15. I love Nars! That powder looks delightful, it would definitely brighten up my skin...

    Becky xoxo

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  16. This sounds lovely. Another one to add to the wishlist! xx

  17. Looks good! Maybe I can have a try!

  18. Ooh this sounds lovely, *logs on to
    Space nk* :)
    I have a bare minerals powder that seems similar, although I think it has rose golden tone.


    Kate xx

  19. sounds really really nice! x

  20. Great review, this looks gorgeous! :) ♥


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