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The Instagram Catch-up

Two posts in one day? No your eyes do not deceive you. I thought today I'd do a mini catch up on my favourite instagram photos from the past few weeks. I don't like doing these every week as it's a bit samey and you can always see my last 6 instagram photos in my side bar if you don't have an iPhone, but I've taken quite a few photos recently, so I thought I'd pick out my highlights.

Clockwise from the top left: 
A Sunday summary - stealing my little brothers camera for the afternoon, getting excited about a tiny bit of sun and contemplating a hair cut | Attempting to get a feel for what shorter hair would feel like by hiding it behind my back - post on my new bag tomorrow too! | Simple morning skincare - lierac eye cream, Embryolisse moisturiser and Simple hydrating facial mist | Taking inspiration from the cookie monster herself and cooking Anna's cookies | Mummy October bought me the most gorgeous nail stripers | Loving my Mac Studio Fix foundation | DIY candle making with the bestie - I went for peppermint!


  1. Haha love the nail stripers! Also, your hair is gorgeous that length. I'm terrified about getting mine cut shorter!x

  2. Oww Review the nail stripers, would love to know how they go!! :)
    Pipp xx

  3. Loving the little outfit!
    Your clutch looks cute
    S xx

  4. That outfit you are wearing is beautiful! Love it! xxx

  5. I really want to give making the cookies a go and I love your iphone case!

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  6. love the nail pens, they are definitely the prettiest I've seen (:

  7. Love your clutch, I really think you would look gorgeous with short hair :)

  8. I love those nail stripers, I know you said your mum bought them for you but I don't suppose you know where they're from? I really want to buy them! Please tweet me if so @hannahxcampbell :) xxx

  9. I really want to try out that MAC foundation!



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