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The Sunday Post: Do I? Don't I?

What do you get when you mix ELLE, Making Faces, the River Island magazine and a handy iPad all together - a pretty fantastic afternoon of reading, that's what. Note: I wasn't really reading my own blog... That would be pretty weird.

I've been having a good old blog read this week and consequently have a nice little list to pop at the end of this post. That is about as productive as my weekend has been really. Although I did have my gorgeous 8 year old cousin round yesterday who coaxed me into painting her nails. He tiny hands were sporting Models Own Headonist (eek! I know - completely discreet right!?) and were enthusiastically waved in her mums face upon returning her to my aunt and uncles house. (Sorry not sorry...)

Before I get into the main Sunday ramble, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who commented on yesterdays post (link here), there were some amazingly lovely comments and I will try to pop everyone a reply later this evening. If there are any other posts related to blogging that you'd like to see this month then let me know!

My final ramble today ladies - I'm definitely/maybe/thinking about cutting my hair. Well, when I say thinking about it, I've already given it a trim. Another inch or so and my lengths will be chillin' with the likes of Jessica Biel and Jenna Louise Coleman and my real life hair love Anna (guilt stalker feelings right now). So the question is - do I? Or don't I? Let me know your thoughts... I'll be sitting staring at the scissors. I may even have to right my girlie friends for a pre-chop pep-talk!

Favourite Posts This Week:

Festival Hair Styles by Into The Gloss: This week I decided that in the next few years I need to go to more festivals and Coachella must be one of them! A few of these hairstyles have fueled the need for shorter locks and a few just make me want to keep it long, grungy and bed headed, which ever I choose my hair and I will make an appearance at a festival this summer.

Annabels Orange Blueberry and Banana Smoothies are the perfect inspiration for the coming weeks detox. I have a super busy few weeks ahead of me and I'm going to avoid getting run down by eating and drinking lots of healthy and detoxifying foods - no stodge and no bloating thank you please!

Lilys post on Beccas return to Space NK has got me super excited! I never had the chance to buy anything from them before they disappeared, but now the Shimmering Skin Perfecter will be mine!

Before I go - I merged both my Bloglovin accounts together this week - no more confusion over which one to follow, there's only You don't need to refollow me if you followed my other one as everyone should have been moved over, but if you've tried following me recently and have found my posts all show up as unread and clog up your feed - you can mark me as unread and only my posts from today will show!


  1. Great blog recommendations, I'm going to check them all out. :)

  2. lovely sunday past time! love the picture!

  3. love you're little round up of reads, needed some newbies to read, should have known your blog would be great for recommendations :) ps little kids and nail varnish is always so much fun xxxx

  4. Lovely Sunday Post, sounds like you had a nice afternoon! xxx

  5. Defiantly not, Your hair length looks amazing, Keep it the same a trim is fine.

    Pipp xx

  6. YES you should go for the chop - I think it'd really suit you. I always grow my hair really long only to chop it all off, it can feel so refreshing! xx

  7. Really useful blog post thank you for all the inspiration.
    I love your blog!

  8. Thanks for the mention lady! Hope you stick to your detox! :)
    I would say for your chop just GO for it! I had about 6 inches cut off in Jan & it was amazing, going for a few more off in a few weeks and then dying it too! I can't wait! change is good xxx

  9. Loved this post .. love seeing who other people are reading !

    TaiBea x

    just done my sunday update post -

  10. I love a good evening reading magazines and blogs! It really is the best :) I definitely think you'd suit your hair shorter so go for it :)

    Gem x

  11. I've been cutting my hair shorter a little at a time since December, and it feels so refreshing, plus it's so much easier to style! I'd say go for the haircut, it's just hair and will always grow back if you want it longer again :)

    Ellie | Ellalogy 

  12. Thats how I love spending my Sunday afternoons. I take a look at the links you've suggested.


  13. I agree, there's no better way to spend Sunday afternoon than reading magazines and blogs :) xxx

  14. I love discovering new blogs, will check these out right now x

  15. I love finding new blogs will have to check these ones out.


  16. Ahhh your hair will look so gorgeous a bit shorter- exciting!


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