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The Makeup: Wild About Beauty Splurge

I'll admit, it's a five week month and I'm bloomin' skint. I'm living off Sainsbury's pitta breads, spinach, bananas and baked beans - why? The last of my money may or may not have been spent on the above items from Wild About Beauty. "May have"? Okay, so they totally were...

The Multi Purpose Tint in Lynne and Cream Eyeshadow in 03 Buster had been on my wish list for a very very long time, and in a moment of depression over being poor I spotted them on Debenhams with a nice little discount and free delivery. Before I knew it my hand slipped over the checkout button and a few days later these landed on my desk. Regrets? Thankfully no, it's all about the Wild About Beauty love over here ladies.

Lynne is a pigmented multi purpose tint which gives a lovely natural flush to the cheeks - I know a lot of people prefer this on the lips, but for me this works really well blended in to the cheeks on days where I want to keep things dewy and fresh, but without shimmer. The cream shadow in the shade 03 Buster is a gorgeous light golden bronze shadow. Far lighter and more subtle than my current creamy number 1 - the Estee Lauder Stay on Shadow Paint in Chained - but is a nice alternative if I want to play things down a little. It's staying power is no where near as good as Estee Lauders little pot of heaven and it's no where near as pigmented, but seeing as I picked this up for around £10 less, I'm more than willing to over look this.

Luckily I won the online makeup purchase roulette this month and have added these two to the daily makeup stash, but I won't lie, I'm really looking forward to treating myself to some M&S strawberries come payday morning.


  1. So pretty, love the colours you got! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  2. Oooh I love both of these, they're just gorgeous.

    Maxine, xx

  3. You look gorgeous, the tint looks lovely on the cheeks.

    Katie Loves..| UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  4. Those cheeky purchases look gorgeous! Nevertheless, that's pretty typical when anythings on your face. Great post!

  5. You look really lovely in the picture! :) The blush looks amazing on you!

    Pipp xx

  6. The Lynne cheek colour looks gorgeous on you! I do exactly the same and buy things when I can't really afford it.

    Gem x

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  8. I definitely get the "choosing makeup over a meal" scenario. Sometimes I just can't say no ! Glad to see I'm not the only one

  9. Totally worth it. They really suit you!


  10. The fact that there is a Cream Eyeshadow with the name Buster has automatically made me add this to the list. On far too much of an Arrested Development kick not to invest in something as gorgeous as this with that name. Looks beautiful on you!

    Adrienne | Late Night Nonsense

  11. hehe very healthy considoring youre skint. I've never heard of this before but you look lovely :) xx

  12. SO gorgeous
    S xx

  13. Lynn looks great on you! It really brings attention to the arch in your eyebrows...lovely!

    Your whole look is very bronzed...which is perfect for the sunny summertime!

  14. That is a gorgeous blush, it suites your skin tone so well, good pick!! c:

    xo, Janiecy

  15. Really lovely blog :)

    Holly xoxo

  16. i really love that peachy tint on your cheeks - it gives you such a healthy glow xo

    It would be awesome if you check out my new inspiration post!

  17. looks stunning on you! x

  18. Stunning, that blush looks really great on your skin tone! And your winged eyeliner looks great!

    Heres my beauty blog if you want to take a look too!


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