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The Video: What's In My Bag

There's no post I love creating more than a WIMH post - pouring out the contents of you bag and attempting to create a perfectly messy look is just my idea of a good time. Not only do I love creating them, I love reading them and was on the waiting list for before it launched. You heard it here, obsessed is not the word. So when I purchased a new bag on Saturday I knew what Sundays video had to be!

The bag featured is another one from Zara! Their bags just hit the nail on the head for me - good quality and inexpensive for the most part - this one is just the perfect bag for summer and has a similar shape to the Celine bags, minus the hefty price tag! I pushed it to the limit yesterday and found that, in addition to the contents above, I can also fit my DSLR. Major thumbs up there.

Anyway, my rambling aside - click the play button to see me trying on various pairs of glasses, ranting about the post office, showing you the scary amount of receipts and train tickets I hoard, and having a moment with the bag at the end of the video! As always click through to my channel for information on what i'm wearing, disclaimers and other beauty/link related info.

P.S If you love WIMH posts then make sure you check out WIMH (obviously) but also Michaela's blog (link here) as her's are always so beautifully laid out and she posts them fairly regularly!


  1. I love these videos too, mainly because I am so nosy! xxx
    Maddy from

  2. the bag is beautiful and love the hat on you :) your blog is one of my new favourites!!

    B xx

  3. Your bag is gorgeous
    S xx

  4. this zara bag is gorgeous, and i love these posts too! i find it so interesting seeing what other girls carry around in their bags :)

  5. this bag is lovely! loving the sunglasses :)


  6. The colour of that bag is awesome! The perfect pop of colour for summer. :) The Urban Outfitters one is super gorgeous too. I can't believe you keep three nail polishes in there, haha. I'm so lazy when it comes to fixing up my nails. :p

  7. Love that bag! I love using bright coloured bags in spring/summer! Gets me in such a good mood! xxx
    Amy |

  8. I loved the video and your bag is gorgeous!

    Jamie ♥

  9. Love that bag, going to check it out.

  10. I do the same thing with a smaller bag in a bag. It is so handy and keeps everything organized.


  11. I loved this video, You are really getting into the swing of things! :)

    Pipp xx

  12. that bag is so amazing, i absolutely love brights/neons this summer, especially if the rest of your outfit is neutral! xx

  13. love the video :) What is it with Zara and bags? I want them all! Love your makeup in this video - the blush is lovely xx

  14. I love that you have as much stuff as i do in my bag!



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