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The Extras: Bedside Basics

A peek through my recent uploads on my YouTube channel will show a pretty simple bedside table sitting happily in the background, you may notice the contents switch up on a weekly basis but one things for sure, I like to keep it minimalist. A few of you have said you'd like to see more home decor/parts of my room posts over the next few months and especially after the move. So I thought I'd start here, as the basic set up is unlikely to change post move.

The one constant on my bedside table is the night light bunny rabbit (first photo), this is usually accompanied by a selection of candles but this week I switched it up for a fresh bunch of flowers arranged in a clear jam jar. I use these to hold flowers as they're super cheap to get hold of (you can get them from Amazon and Lake Land or the cheapest trick - use up a jar of jam) and are a good size for keeping on a bedside table.

This week I also have my nail polish of choice to hand for the occasional touch up - the Barry M Gelly Polish in Lychee and my all time favourite lip balm - Nuxe Reve De Miel. Beautiful stuff in a tiny pot. Finally we have the newest addition to my notebook library, a big old minty number from the Martha Stewart range in Staples. My babe of a mum picked a fair few bits up for me in the range this week on a buy one get one free deal (full post on my picks of the collection, anyone?).  My other picks from the range where the stone white shades, but unfortunately the notebook in that colour were all sold out. My next choice was mint, which looks uber cute laid out on my white surfaces. It's also wider than the average note book - resulting in my neater hand writing from yours truly. Being able to read your own writing is always a winner...


  1. Nice pic's! It's gorgeous - the bunny lamp:)

    Bye and have a wonderful week-end!:)


  2. I have the notebook! The Martha Stewart range is so beautiful!

  3. Love hearing about your home organization. Such a cute lamp !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  4. love this! And I can tell you like the lip balm - it's almost gone!

  5. Those flowers are so cute! Wish my bedroom was a little bigger to be "minimalistic" I could wish I was a little tidier, but that's never going to happen! Haha.

    Molly x
    Lyon Notes

  6. Love the flowers and your bedroom is so gorgeous! xxx
    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  7. Lovely, my bedside table is always such a mess!

  8. The Nuxe Reve de Miel sounds like such a great product! xx

  9. I still haven't tried one of the new barry m gel polishes! I really want the blue grape shade and lychee :D

  10. Love barry m lychee, Such a cute colour!

    Pipp xx

  11. I have the exact things next to me on my bedside table! Plus my eight hour cream! Love it! Gorgeous photography skills!

    Sara -x-

  12. I really need to keep a nail varnish at my bedside as I keep forgetting to repaint!
    Also need to put nail varnish remover next to it too
    Hate my nails looking so chipped
    S xx

  13. I also have my notebook on my bedside table because when I can't sleep at night, that's when most of my ideas come so I just write them down!
    I also have a scented candle and a lipbalm :)


  14. Love the mint notebook. I'm addicted to slapping on a bit of the nuxe balm before bed! x


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