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The Little Extras: Food for Thought

Todays word: Detox. I am currently on one - unfortunately. This usually makes for a very grumpy Suzie, but seeing as I was ill anyway, it could only make me feel better. My 11pm cravings for chocolate brownies are still alive and kicking, but I do feel slightly better. My current detox is just a three day ordeal where I cut out wheat and artificial sugars. When I first tried this a few months back I sucked and totally ate a cookie in the first 24 hours, but recently I've been reading some lovely blogs that have given me inspiration and even more ideas for keeping a healthy routine once I finish the detox: 

The one with the amazing photos: Hipster Food This is my most recent discovery, and has given me some amazing recipes to practice before I move in with a boy (ewww - cooties). Although it's generally directed at vegan recipes, it's super easy to just take an idea and make it non Vegan - which is perfect because I think Josh might explode if he couldn't see any chicken in the fridge - and I would be the same without fish. Anyway, I'm rambling, go spend hours of your life reading and looking at some seriously yummy food porn.

The one that makes me want to eat everything: Not Without Salt is so unbelievably up my street. I've only just scratched the surface with this one, but I'm slowly compiling a list of things I need to learn to make - take this one for example: (Link)

The one that's not a blog: I could go on and on with food blogs, the obsession has only just started so I have a long way to go, but for help on which foods I should be eating for certain conditions (little bit like skincare but for the insides), I go to the Neales Yard Healing Foods bible - I say "bible", they haven't called it that but I do. It gives me all the information I need on every type of food I can think of, helping me to put together meals to suit my current state. For example, on Sunday I wanted to make sure a lot of the bad stuff in my system was on its way out, so I drank a lot of green tea - and even iced it as you can see above - and snacked on strawberries. These aren't the only option but they were readily available in the fridge.

So, I'm over 48 hours into the three day detox and feeling very proud, I just hope the cravings for cookies stay at mild levels until tomorrow...


  1. A bit of a change of pace, but I love hearing about good recipes or food sites ! Great post, definitely going to check out these sites.

  2. Good luck on your detox! I have a bunch of food sites that I have bookmarked right now because I'm learning how to cook and I'm adding Hipster Food to my list! I love Not Without Salt as well. I made their ice cream cake and my boyfriend absolutely loved it!

  3. YES food blogs for the win! I swear, I could spend HOURS on Tastespotting and Foodgawker. I'm definitely going to follow these.

  4. Food eleanse FTW! How did you get started on it? I've always wanted to try one, but it's tough to do a cleanse when you're working and have unhealthy colleagues! xx

  5. I've been thinking about doing a detox as well, they always make me feel better afterwards. & They make my cravings go away!

    This picture makes me want some starbucks tea, haha.

    twitter: beauteachic

    much love xx

  6. i have that neals yard book too and its really good! love that you iced your green tea, great idea, totally copying that!! Good luck with the rest of the detox! cutting out artifical sugars is SO hard! x

  7. Hooray for food blogs! I say, the more foodporn I can find, the better!
    Carrie:Brighton xx

  8. Hope your detox is going well! This has definitely made me want to get started on mine - sometimes you just know you need to!

  9. For some reason I've been eating loads of strawberries recently, weirddd. Good lucky with your detox!
    Rebecca x


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