by Suzie Bonaldi


The Sunday Post: Beachy Times

As I type, I'm headed to the beach with my favourite people for a day of SPF, sea and sun. One thing I couldn't wait to do this morning in preparation was pack my beach bag, and after selecting a little stripey number from the "I won't be going on holiday this year" box under my bed, I got a little carried away and threw in the following:

SPF: It almost goes without saying, but I smooth on the La Roche Posay Anthelios AC Extreme Fluid 30+ over my face. And over my body goes the Boots Soltan Protect and Tan SPF 15+. I know,  little low for the body but it's 30 or 50 and I'm vitamin D deficient AND I'm with my super pasty friends, so without a doubt some of the day will be spent under an umbrella.

Beach Hair Saviours: You don't have to visit the beach regularly to know that a) there will be a breeze and b) your hair will magically become "textured" - also known as "tangled". For this three things are needed: Hairbands, hair brushes/combs and leave in conditioner. Sorted. 

The Swim Ready Stash: On the rare occasion that anyone convinces me I want to go for a dip in the sea (highly unlikely, but I hate being the only one unprepared), waterproof mascara and a bikini set will definitely be needed.

Evening Essentials: Once things start to cool down a little, and we retreat back in land slightly, I may need a light jumper (I chose a little white number from Topshop) and a little something to freshen up with - my latest scent love has to be the Korres perfume in Lychee, Vanilla and Freesia.

On top of that you have your everyday essentials, notebook, camera and phone - just in case. If the UK could just be this warm all the time I'd be an incredibly happy girl - even if it just sticks around for my holiday next week...

Link Lovin'

First up - I blame Lauren for an extreme impulse buy. After promising I wouldn't buy anything else until payday, her latest outfit post caused me to make a little Zara order. Bad Lauren. Bad!

Nouvelle Daily are just knocking it out of the park as always. This week their Fig and Orange Brownies had me hungering for the kitchen and their Ikea Furniture Update has got me all excited about picking up some bargains on Gumtree.

I've been loving Lily's posts recently, and her post featuring a gorgeous motel cardigan had me hovering over the checkout button - I resisted - we can't have two impulse purchases in one week now, or can we?...


  1. I'm going on holiday next week, so this was really helpful to me! Thanks! I definitely need to remember to take things for my hair to the beach :)xo

  2. I love La Roche Posay for SPF's - their Anthelios Oil is a savior! x

  3. Yes we can, lol

  4. you've picked all the essentials, this note book is amazing! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  5. Great post, it's always good to see what other people take away with them. I am going on holiday to Cyprus and I want to pack as little as possible so posts like this are great for hints and tips!

    Beth @

  6. Everyone has been talking about their SPF (La Roche Posay).
    I really want to purchase it.
    Hopefully I can in the states
    Velia | Cocoamourr

  7. I've seen so many people rave about the La Roche Posay SPF and you may have just convinced me to give it a go.
    Great summery post!

    Gemma xx

  8. I have, give or take, the same beach essentials! I guess we all do! :) x

    Una hora menos en el paraíso

  9. Great post, unfortunately it's cooled down up north so no beach packing for me! :(

  10. Lovely post Suzie! I can't wait to get on the beach now haha! x
    Amy |

  11. Fantastic post! I wish it was summer here in New Zealand. Boo. Lol. xx.

  12. Ah I don't know why but I really love this photo!! I love seeing someone's day and all of the essential products spread out in one photo!1

    Hahaha and you're smart about the hair. For me, textured hair = tangled hair too Haha

  13. Saw this on your instagram and said how we both have great minds for choosing these items, couldnt agree more! Great picks hun, especially loving the tangle teezer and the la Roche posay anthelios AC face spf my favourite!
    I agree with you wouldn't ever get in UK ocean ahah!

    Eloise xo |

  14. I love the Dove leave-in conditionner!
    Probably one of my favourites products of this summer :)


  15. Great post, loveeee the sunnies !


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