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The Adventure: Day One & Two in Elveden Forrest

On Friday we arrived at the Centre Parcs holiday resort in Elveden Forrest (that's Suffolk if you're a geographical noob like me) late in the afternoon. We used to visit the resort all the time when I was little as my dad needed us to be kept busy whilst he did his tax returns, but more recently I've been drawn back more and more (you might remember March this year where I shot my photos for Company).

Back in April, we decided that a full family holiday was needed as I couldn't go to New York with everyone due to work commitments and my mum really wanted to celebrate her birthday with everyone there. She booked us into an executive lodge and I was ordered to take a long weekend so I could hide out there. No interwebs, no phone signal - it was a bit of an adjustment at first... I digress. Not only were we greeted with a beautifully decorated villa, but we also had a few little friends come visit us whilst we hung out on the patio - special shout out to the mumma duck and her duckings who melted my ice cold heart. We also made another animal friend over the next few days, but i'll leave that for day three and four...

On Saturday I started the morning - well, afternoon by this point with a bowl of fruit and natural yoghurt and sat watching the ducks outside until a swarm of wasps found me and I was forced inside. We went swimming and ate at Hucks American Diner (if you do one thing at CP - besides renting bikes - go there). My photos from the meal have gone awol, but I had the Philly Cheese Burger and a Jamble cocktail - both were amazing and I think they're my favourite meal i've ever ordered EVER from the diner.

 Oh and I got my hair braided (or wrapped, if you're not from the UK). The six year old me got her own way and, as I type, I still have it in my hair...

Stay tuned for day three and four on Saturday!


  1. Love the hair braid! Used to be obsessed with those as a kid... xx

  2. This looks lovely. Your braid is really cute :) xx

    Essie | The Li'l Sparrow

  3. So beautiful Suzie! I want to rub your face on mine.. in a not weird way?

    Rachelle xo

  4. Aw, I always loved those hair things as a kid. Sounds like you had a nice time ! xoxo

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  5. I love the braid! Great photos xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  6. Great pictures! The braid is lovely and the ducks are adorable!! :)

  7. Love your makeup, the animals look so cute! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  8. So pretty & any blog post with a duck makes my day <3

  9. Those berries look SO good!!! Hahaha I love that you got one of those hair wrap/braids...that reminds me of being a kid too!

    That must have been fun without any phones, etc. A weekend away is always so much fun!

  10. I love little hair wraps/braids. I remember doing them with my best friend when we were young.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  11. nice pictures

  12. Lovely photos, your skin looks lovely in that photo, and the hair braid is so cute!

  13. I'm going here in October (for the third or fourth time now) and I think it's the perfect getaway for 5 days! It's one of the only holidays I've had where I feel like I've actually relaxed properly and recharged my batteries!

    Lauren from


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