by Suzie Bonaldi



The Video: August Favourites

Get ready for a sneak peek of our new bedroom, some "hangry" rambling and a few of my top picks from the August stash. It's been a seriously busy month, which has resulted in some very good skincare finds/rediscoveries (nothing like a little stress to highlight the gems in your skincare collection) and there's been a new base on the cards that ISN'T less than lightweight (say whaaa?), as well as a very "un-me" colour bing sported on my nails too - ten points if you've already guessed by the countless snaps of my child-like hands over the past few weeks. Since filming this video I did have a very weak moment and might have purchased  new candle - the candle detox has been broken, yes, but it's so worth it. Post. In. Process.


  1. Lovely! <3

  2. Love that nail polish, such a beautiful colour! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  3. that top shop nail polish is perfect! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  4. Suzie your so cute :))

    Frankie xXx

  5. I love the shade of this nail polish! Amazing! Great video (as always!) xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  6. I loved the video and seriously I am shamelessly excited about a flat tour on your channel! I'm also looking forward to a candle haul/post ;) xx

  7. Lovely video! The Balance Me oil sounds dreammmyy and I'm so itching to try Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk.

    xo Lillian from

  8. I have the L'Oreal Super Liner too. As well as being a really great colour, I find it applies really nicely too. And stays put all day long. Definitely one of my summer favourites too!


  9. That colour of nail varnish is absolutely gorge
    S xx

  10. That nail varnish is amazing. I LOVE Topshop nail varnishes!! xx

    Essie | The Li'l Sparrow

  11. The Balance Me Oil is so nice & hydrating. I am becoming an Oil junkie. I seem to have accumulated a few. But I do love to use them.
    The Topshop polish is a pretty colour too. Adore their packaging.


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