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The Sunday Post: Bread and Milk (Take Two)

The photos above were from lunch last Sunday, we popped into Breadd and Milk (again) and treated ourselves to breakfast rolls and fresh berry smoothies (saddo alert: I was delighted when I realised my nails and smoothie matched), before taking a wander and shooting a few outfit photos. It was un-seasonally sunny and warm - now a distant memory as the cold snap has set in - I'm freezing, and I'm not happy about it. Does anyone else forget how winter feels and go into shock for the first few weeks of autumn?

Today I'm taking Sunday as the day of rest after running round like a headless chicken this week. I've crammed so much in and now I just need a good sit down - so basically, nothing new on the past few weeks really. Today I'm taking some time out and prepping myself for the next two weeks which are going to be mental. I'm running interviews in London, having a certain little red come to stay and need to prepare for two Halloween parties and lunch meetings next week. But until then, I'll be on the sofa with a cup of tea...

Don't forget: I'm putting together a FAQ series as there have been a lot of recurring questions recently. If you have a question (that's not too personal) then pop it in the comments below and I'll pop it in my videos!


  1. Looking so lovely !

  2. You are so adorable.I was literally saying the same thing the other day, how when i have to wear a coat, I forget how it feels not to wear a coat, and vice versa.

    Charlotte - xx

  3. The berry smoothie looks amazing! I want to try it :)xo

  4. I love your Sunday posts they're my fav :) Your hair looks so pretty! xx

  5. You look so much like Lily Collins! Your food looks so tasty!


  6. That looks delicious! I'd love to visit Bread and Milk! :)

    Amy |

  7. Mmm looks very yummy! And you're really making me want to get a nose stud, it looks beaut! xo

  8. Such co ordination with your nails and the smoothie! Im having a day of nothing too as I am ill! :-(

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  9. That smoothies looked delicious! Enjoy your hard earned day off :)

    N&A x

  10. Looks really tasty.

  11. Sounds like you definitely need to make the most of your time off today! I'll be doing the same (with a hint of uni revision here and there), slobbing in front of XFactor and Downton Abbey!

  12. Aw Suzie you look so pretty in these photos :) Love your polka dot blouse. x

    Sweet Monday

  13. Lovely post, the smoothie looks delicious :)

    Charlotte x

  14. I love your polish colour! Is it Essie's Meet Me At Sunset? xx

  15. Oh wow that all looks delicious! And you look flawless as ever Suzie, so beautiful.

    Gracious Silhouettes

  16. You look lovely Suzie, haha I also loved the fact that your nailpolish matched your smoothie ;) x

    Alissia | Ma Vie en R0se

  17. Oooooh that looks so good. Enjoy your sunday!
    Love from Jasmine @

  18. You look so gorgeous and your food is making me super hungry!!

    B xx

  19. The food looks lovely!

    I have a giveaway if you fancy entering -

  20. Lovely post, the food looks yummy! I love Lauren blog ' little red', would love to see a collab post or video with you two! Sounds like you have a hectic schedule, hope it all goes well!

    Eloise | simplynaturale xo

  21. I love your blog so much!!
    What are your two must have products for people new to beauty? One skincare and one makeup!


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