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The Sunday Post: All The Food.

The words "going to London" seem to have turned into some form of code for "I'm going to go see Luce, eat lots of food and ransack Liberty's, Space NK and Selfridges". So when I say I went to London on Friday, rest assured those things did happen.

We started off by going to Mishkins for dinner. If you haven't been then definitely add it to your list as the food is so darn tasty. I also really love the decor and the venue itself, they got the NY vibe just right. They do comfort food very well so if you're up for a carb fest, which we certainly were, you'll love it. We had the salt beef mac and cheese and chilli beef dog, and two malted chocolate milkshakes, of course.

Next up were all the shops, and we tried desperately to hunt down a little desert too but got seriously distracted by Liberty's. We ended up visiting not one but two Nars counters in the end, leaving me fully loaded and ready to film a beauty haul! I also have my eye on a few things which i'll be grabbing next week when I go and stay with Luce. I know, my bank account is already weeping at the thought.

As for the rest of the weekend, it's Harry Potter, christmas food and present wrapping all the way. We're also having Christmas number one with my parents. So basically, it's all food this week.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! x

P.S The Sunday Post vs. The Weekender? Which title do you prefer? I wrote this weeks on auto pilot and just can't decide which one to keep.


  1. Lovely post. Really want to go to Liberty's.
    I like both titles. Its quite hard to pick. Whatever one is picked it suits anyways :-)

    Rachael x
    All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

  2. Looks so delicious! I am going to have a weekend full of Harry Potter too and Christmas food :-) x

  3. I love seeing how close you and Luce are - it's really nice that you two have one another and talk about each other so often!
    Stephanie | Love, August

  4. That dinner looks amazing! I went into London last week and did the exact same thing that you did, raid Selfridges, Liberty and Space NK hah!

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely time, I can't wait to see the haul! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  6. Lovely food and pictures !

  7. lovely pictures, the food looks so good :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  8. Mishkins is on my never ending list of places to eat and it may have gone straight o the top now!

  9. Gah, that food looks delicious! I prefer The Weekender because they are so many blog posts called The Sunday Post and it means you don't always have to upload it on Sunday (of course, it's your choice). Looks like you had a great week and I can't wait to see the haul.

    Hannah x

  10. I want to have a Harry Potter marathon session....with a big box of chocolates...ALL to myself!!

  11. Absolutely love the sound of ''salt beef mac and cheese and chilli beef dog, and two malted chocolate milkshakes'' Pretty much sounds like heaven to me. At this time of the year when it's so cold outside, it's carbohydrates all the way for me. ;) Can't wait to see a Nars haul soon. Seems like you've purchased quite a number of products.

    As for the titles, I think they're both nice but I prefer The Sunday Post :)

  12. omg that looks soooooo good! x

  13. I quite like The Weekender because it's a bit different but what I really love is reading your weekend/Sunday posts!

    Sally from

  14. The food looks so yummy, The malted chocolate shakes sound amazing! Ooh I do love Nars, looking forward to your video x

  15. The food looks delicious! x

    Amy |

  16. beautiful

  17. Gotta love shopping in London <3 btw The food looks amazinggg! xx


  18. Looks delicious...I'm drooling over that mac & cheese haha!

    xx Caroline

  19. Looks delicious! x

  20. Never heard of that place but it looks like it has yummy food! Yes, Christmas is all about Harry Potter.

    Happy Christmas!

  21. Definitely going to be trying this restaurant when I next go to London!


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