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Instagram: How/What/Who?

Recently I've had quite a few questions aimed at my Instagram account on how I take my photos and what I use to edit them. I'd been planning on doing an updated post on my favourite Instagram accounts too so I thought I'd lump them all in together. It's really satisfying when you figure out your preferred method of photo taking and editing, so hopefully it will help at least a handful of you!

So let's get started with the "HOW"... I'll admit that some of my photos are latergrams - working full time means that you don't always have time or anything of interest to put out there, so I'll save random little snippets from the weekend (usually flowers or cake) for later in the week. The majority of these are taken on my iPhone 4S. I usually take them in square mode so I don't have to bother cropping.

Sometimes if I want to promote a blog post or video, and I don't have a photo on my camera roll I'll take one of my blog post photos off my computer and put it on my phone to Instagram. You can do this using a cable, email, or (my method for everything) dropbox. If I'm taking photos on the go, I always try and make sure I'm stationary and out of direct sunlight - avoiding a fuzzy or over exposed image.

Then there's the "WHAT"... I get so many questions on how I edit my photos. Until recently I used nothing but the standard Instagram filters, but recently I've branched out a little more. My favourite app is Vsco Cam which I use for making photos brighter and the occasional filter. I use Picfx for hearts and other bokeh effects and finally Afterlight on the odd occasion for various effects.

And finally, "WHO"(this is the best bit)...






These are my favourites who I've found completely via Instagram, without finding a blog first. I'll be updating my blog roll in a few weeks so I'll go a little more in depth about other blogs and their various other social media accounts that I love, but for me these five make my feed a little bit more special.

Edit: So apparently a fair few of you don't follow me on Instagram already - I'm @hellooctoberxo if you fancy coming over and saying hi!


  1. I actually didn't know about your instagram account until right now, I did follow you though, and I checked out the people you listed and followed some of them too. Good to know I'm not the only instagram addict.

  2. I don't follow you at the moment on IG but I'll be sure to check you out now


  3. I'll have a look at your IG and the others you mentioned. Always good to find new people on there

    Liz, Style by 1415 x

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  5. Thanks for sharing, and VSCO cam is brill!!! I have major eye bags and I rely on Perfect 365 for getting rid of those in my pics!!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  6. I'm obsessed with Instagram, all your photos are fab and I'll definitely be checking out your recommendations!

    Tiny Alis

  7. Very useful post, I found many new accounts to follow! :)

  8. I love knowing what apps other people use to edit their photos with! I love vsco cam too! I'll be definitely looking into the instagramers you linked!
    The Beauty Break

  9. I absolutely love your instagram! :) I'm ellistuesday on there and I've loved finding great accounts to follow too.

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday

  10. Such a nice post with lovely tips and suggestions!

    x Giada | The Beauty Recensionist

  11. cool!!!



  12. VSCOcam is amazing. I always find great filters on there.


  13. I love your photos! They are always a treat to see <3

    -Chaitra | PinkPot

  14. I also follow Bellaxiv! Her photos are absolutely stunning. I love Snapseed to brighten my photos or color correct if they're slightly yellow. If you're interested, my instagram is Lovely_Notions.
    Lovely Notions

  15. Instead of using Dropbox to transfer your photos, try this app called Image Transfer, you can wirelessly transfer them faster than using cables/dropbox :)
    xo dana

  16. I've given up on instagram filters recently and am all about the afterlight filters! so pretty, my faves are the ones in the 'seasons' section! ;) xxx

  17. I love VSCO cam too! x

  18. Just recently discovered your blog and adore it <3

  19. I love your instagram, your pictures always look perfect! x

  20. I love these types of posts, they're pretty helpful. I was late joining the instagram train and still rarely use it. I'm a big fan of your instagram as well as parisinfourmonths!

    Kat // bespectacled

  21. Firstly Suzie, I adore your Instagram, it's such an incredible extension of your blog/visual insight into what you love/buy/do! (I've been following Bri now for well over a year - such a beauty with impeccable taste.) I'm over at @stylecoke if you'd like to take a peek and say holla!

    (Totally loved your Vlog of Luce's trip to Brighton too!)

  22. I love seeing pics from you on my insta feed :) Anyway, thanks for you recommendations and advice, will look at those apps!

    Melane | Oh Sweet Remedy

  23. perfect

  24. Isn't bunnymama the best? I love those little buns!

  25. I love your instagram pictures, especially your food shots! Thanks for giving me some new people to follow.

    Laura | Breton & Blush

  26. This is a brilliant post! Will check out the apps and that's a really good idea to save pictures from the weekend to post later. x

  27. I am addicted to Instagram, either it is to post a picture or just to scroll down my feed and like the most amazing pictures. Obviously, your Instagram is one of my favourites - as well as one that makes me very jealous!

    Catarina |

  28. VSCOcam is my favorite app! It has the loveliest filters and overall makes a good picture turn into a great one. I just added you on Instagram, I can't believe I wasn't following you!


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