by Suzie Bonaldi


VIDEO: Not Going To University.

A few days ago I took to twitter and gave you guys two options on Sundays video - a brow routine, or my experience on not going to university. In the first five minutes it looked like the brow routine was winning by a fair few, but by the time I'd sat down in front of my camera, a video on my uni experience was winning by a landslide. Don't fret beauty nuts - my brow routine has been filmed and will be up next Sunday. The above is my experience on not going to university - something I feel you never really see being talked about - I'm forever seeing videos and posts on the uni experience, but no one ever really talks about not going. Even if you did go, there are lots of aspects of this video that still apply - the comments on this video really do show that.

On that note - the comments on this video are AMAZING. Thank you so much if you have already been over and left a comment, I've read all of them, and thumbs-ed up as many as possible and replied to any questions. It's amazing to see people of all ages sharing their experiences (including so many positive ones), I don't think I've ever enjoyed reading my comments more!


  1. I strongly believe in not going to uni unless the career you want can't be attained any other way. When you can spend time working in a job rather than paying thousands to learn the theory of it, it all seems a bit useless. I really think this was a good video to make because I think most high schools make it feel like you're going to fail in life if you don't go to uni.

  2. Such a lovely video Suzie. I knew at the end of college that I wanted to be a make up artist and so uni wasn't that great of an option for me. I got a job, saved up the money to take a course in Make up artistry and now can follow my dreams! x


  3. I just wanted to say thankyou for this video Suzie, I'll start thinking about applying soon and it seems that people think the only option is Uni, and you speaking honestly was really helpful. But I was just wondering did you feel like you ever missed out on the student experience, and when you friends came back home for super long holidays? (Sorry for this being so long)x

  4. I want to study dentistry or law so I need to go to unversity, my dream would be to become a makeup artist and to create my own makeup line but that dream probably won´t come true.

  5. I loved the video, I totally agree with you Suzie. In fact, even though I'm attending a public university (I'm from Argentina) I spent a lot of money in career-related stuff. I'm having trouble enjoying my studies because public universities here are CRUEL with students as they have a very good level of teaching and everybody and their mother goes to UBA. Anyway, if I think of all the money I've spent and how I'm feeling right now, I don't know if I made the right choice. SO kids, really think about it!!

  6. Lovely video for people who aren't sure if they want to go to uni! I did go to uni but it was only to get my specific degree in Adult Nursing so I could be a nurse! I probably wouldn't have gone if that wasn't what I wanted to work as xx

    Megan /

  7. I really enjoyed this video, it was super helpful! I'm starting sixth form in september and so I'm going to have to start thinking about uni very soon and it makes me so nervous because I have no idea what I want to study! Check out my Beauty and Fashion blog, it would mean the world :)

  8. Loved this video! I did actually end up going to university because I didn't know what else to do with my life. My parents were not happy for me not to go to uni too. I'm happy I have a degree now, but I always wonder what my life would have been like..

  9. Great video, xx

  10. LOVED this video! I feel like not a lot of people talk about this. Even though I'm in college right now, it's interesting to see someone not having to go and still being successful!

  11. This video is so good! I was bought up in a school where you were seen as a failure if you didn't attend university too but I rebelled against it and instead worked in events - and love it! I currently run my own fashion business from home, freelance in events like festivals/charity/sports and couldn't love it more. I feel because I haven't had the guidance from uni I've worked harder to make it a success for me, it seems you're the same too!



  12. Really enjoyed watching this video! Wished I had this video before going to Uni but I already recently graduated, but I'm sure this will help many on deciding whether to go or not! Keep up the great content! xx

  13. I didn't go to uni either and i dont feel i missed out on anything, im just as happy :)


  14. Thank you so much for this video! I always worry I'll never amount to anything but I just keep remionding myself that I'll be happy as long as I have wifi :) x

  15. Hi suzie :) you r lovely human being and bloody helpfully :) i just wanted to ask if you would do a detox post you mentioned before ? Please do it :) have a nice day :)

  16. I went to University and ended up dropping out after the first 3 months. I wish I would have had someone to talk to and go through my options. I'm not in £7,000 debt that I didn't need to be in.

    Reinventing Neesha

  17. Such an amazing video, so thought provoking and really helpful as I'm coming up to the point when I really need to start thinking about uni!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  18. Even though I've been at university for a year now, I still love to watch these type of videos to get other peoples opinions and views! So helpful for potential freshers as well!

  19. Great video ! Definitely a controversial opinion, but its great to hear about other options and that school is not always the best route !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  20. Really inspiring Suzie, thank you so much for sharing your experience! I did go to uni, but I've ended up being one of those people who come out feeling a bit meh and unsure of what I want next, and your career tips are fantastic. Especially the ones about bouncing back and staying strong in the face of rejection, and trying not to take it personally. Thank you so much!

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  21. Thank you for this Suzie, I thought I was the only person who didn't go to university. I always felt really embarrassed when I was with a group of people and they would ask what I studied in uni. Um I didn't go. I too always knew I never wanted to go. Sometimes I think maybe I should have but I didn't really know what to study. I think learning through experience is fantastic! Thanks for sharing xoxxoxox Shaz

  22. This is why you're one of my favourite bloggers/Youtubers - you're honest about your experiences, and you sure do prove that you don't *need* to go to uni in order to be happy and to find a job you love! x

  23. Wow. I loved this video. I went to a community college and got an associates of science. As I was finishing up my associates I had to make the decision of continuing on to a university or being done. I chose to be done. So far I have not been looked down upon because of my choice and I have enjoyed not racking up student loans.

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