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The Sunday Post: Mange Tout.

Last weekend Josh and I decided to treat ourselves to breakfast at a little bistro not too far from our front door. It was pre-fashion week for me, so I completely justified this by claiming I'd need the energy. I'd been to Mange Tout a few times over the past two years and hadn't been overly impressed with the service, but decided to give it another go as I was hungry and their poached eggs are just heavenly.

The service was much better this time around (although when ever we eat out with Nala in tow the service always seems to be spot on - I don' think that's a coincidence). Our food arrived rather swiftly - Josh had a ham and cheese croissant and I had eggs royal - and we sat for a good hour with a pot of tea chatting about our plans with the occasional hint of stupidity from yours truly. Recently I've been coming out with the most stupid comments in conversation - although Josh and I laugh a lot about it I'm now very aware of this when I talk to anyone else. DOH.

Overall I was really pleased with our choice of breakfast this time round, the only thing I could ask for is a slightly more varied menu - but then again when you make the best poached eggs in Brighton you don't really need an extensive menu.

This weekend we've tried not to eat out too much, I've been trying to stick to healthy(-er) breakfasts and have been so busy that I just haven't had time to even pop out for coffee. It's worked out well really considering I have a super busy few days this week and the first week of October is bound to be full of rubbish food (10 October points if you can guess why?).


  1. Such amazing photos Suzie! You look lovely and that croissant *insert heart eyes emoji* x


  2. love your sunday posts, defiantly one of my faves!


  3. The food looks so, so, so yum! Anything with melted cheese gives me a severe case of a rumbling belly.

  4. Another gorgeous post Suzi! This food looks delicious it is making my mouth water…
    M x

  5. This looks sooo good!

  6. Mange Tout sounds awesome! :) those poached eggs are yumm x

  7. I wanna know what's happening in October now! :P That croissant looks gorgeous!

    XO, G from grace'd

  8. The food looks so good :)

  9. I really enjoyed reading this :)

  10. The croissants are looking supre yummy!


  11. I love your Sunday posts, definitely my favourite things to read in the mornings. That little bistro looks so nice, definitely going to make a note of it if I ever get the chance to visit Brighton again! xo

    Lucy-J Loves | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

  12. I am so damn hungry after this! There's no better meal than breakfast!

  13. After reading this post I really want to know what the "stupid comments" are hahaha. Lovely photos x

  14. Love the pictures so much !

  15. I wish there were cute little places like this where I live!

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

  16. Looks yummy!

  17. Suzie is so gorgeous! And that food looks amazing. Please check out and follow my beauty and fashion blog:

  18. Your food posts always make me so hungry! Looks delicious.

    Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger


  19. The food looks amazing!!

  20. We like Mange Tout as well - I think we're pretty spoiled in Brighton food wise. We had a Burger Brother burger yesterday and I'm already planning my next was very good!

    Jade x

  21. This looks incredible, so hungry now!

  22. That croissant looks incredible!

    Sophie x

  23. Oh my god, that croissant looks divine. I presume it's your birthday in October or Josh's? Mine is the end of October and the week before I go on holiday! Seriously considering not having a birthday cake…. But that's just depressing and let's be honest, it won't happen! ;)

  24. Nice:) x

  25. Wow that looks so nice, I think I nearly drooled looking at that croissant !

  26. We all make "stupid" comments. And of course people close to us find it charming! If we were serious and smart all the time, we would be boring :):)
    Amazing breakfast by the way.

  27. The food looks delicious! :)

  28. Such lovely photos!

  29. Amazing photos!

  30. Ah so needing to revisit mange tout after seeing this post , such yummy food!

  31. Njam njam :)

  32. Its so hard trying not to eat out at the weekend when there are so many amazing places to go for brunch!
    I had eye royal at Bills this morning ! xx

  33. Such a beautiful photos and post.

  34. Wow that bistro looks so chic! Glad you had a nice time, the food looks soo good!! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  35. That looks amazing! making me hungryyy haha

  36. Ahhh, I have passed this place so many times! It has such a cute name and always makes me smile. Now that I know they do the best poached eggs in Brighton I will definitely have to nip in! Hope everything is going well Suzie X

  37. Looks like the perfect breakfast! Delish!

    Love from South Africa

    Arum Lilea

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