by Suzie Bonaldi


Things To Do This Week #3

It may be mid-week already, but there's still twelve hours of hump-day to get over and a three day weekend for UK readers, so we'll just casually overlook my tardiness on this one. This week I've got five things to add to your to-do list...

TRY BALLET: Well, in a slightly different form. I've been leaning more and more towards taking adult ballet classes for a good six months now, but whilst I'm still dilly-dallying on taking that jump and booking some lessons, I've introduced BALLET BEAUTIFUL in to my work out routine. Sounds fun right? It is, but it's also pretty intense. I did arms on Monday after a full body Pilates work out and my body still hasn't recovered. BUT, it's the most graceful I've ever felt whilst working out and feels very relaxing if you ignore the burn.

PIN THINGS: I'm 100% back on the PINTEREST bandwagon. I fall of from time to time, but at the moment it's part of my weekly routine. It helps me to feel much more inspired when it comes to photography but also works as a wonderful distraction technique in times of stress (not the most orthodox method of combating stress, but let me have this one). Set up an account and get pinning, it's addictive I tell you!

GET THE GLOW: After Madeline Shaw's new book GET THE GLOW released last week I was hooked. My train home from London was completely delayed and I barely realised as I was so engrossed in it. She knows her stuff, but comes across as positive and friendly with none of the patronising tones or scare mongering that can often surface when it comes to nutritional reads (Eat Pretty - I'm looking at you). It was just what I needed to get back on the healthy bandwagon and I'd definitely recommend giving it a read if you need a little nudge in the right direction.

SUMMER SHOE SEARCH: It's that time of year we all dread. The weather is warming up and it's that transitional period where we need to start thinking about shoes for the summer months. I kicked off my summer collection with a fresh new pair of WHITE CONVERSE, followed by some rose gold sandals from Topshop. In two pairs I'm set for cooler and warmer weather *pats self on back*. May is the best time for summer shoe shopping as the stock is plentiful and we're not yet bored of the warmer weather, so be prepared and use your bank holiday weekend wisely!

WATCH THIS: This Lisa Eldridge Sun Kissed Golden Look is so gorgeous I've watched it  six times already just this week. It's a look I've been wearing daily (with the addition of liquid liner of course) and I can't quite get enough of hitting play on all of her uploads at the moment. OR... *shameless plug alert* if you're interested in something a little more hair related, I uploaded a HAIR CARE ROUTINE last Sunday. It's a chatty one so you will need to kit yourself out with supplies before hitting play, but I have a lot of hair so there was a lot to cover!


  1. Definitely following you on Pinterest. I've just started getting into it.

    Rachel |

  2. I recently got back on the Pinterest bandwagon too! It's such a nice way to start your day, scrolling through the beautiful and endlessly inspiring photos.

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  3. I'm really excited to try Ballet Beautiful. I used to be a dancer and I'm hoping this brings back that wonderful feeling...and burn!

  4. Your weekly things to do list is awesome. I have an Pinterest account its cool. I might try BALLET BEAUTIFUL. I have blue CONVERSE shoes too! I've watched Lisa Eldridge Sun Kissed Golden Look and your HAIR CARE ROUTINE on youtube and its awesome!

  5. I'm so addicted to Pinterest! Ballet beautiful sounds really great, i'll have to give it a go!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  6. Definitely going to get into Ballet Beautiful, it looks like such a graceful workout!
    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  7. I love Pinterest to get more photography and interior design inspiration!! <3 AND i love Lisa Eldridge makeup videos too!

  8. I love Pinterest and just hit 1K followers!

  9. I'm on Pinterest daily now - it's so addictive and always gives me inspiration whether that's from what to cook for dinner tonight, or a new green smoothie recipe, or some style or a hair cut inspiration.
    Madeleine Shaw's book is gorgeous! She talks so much sense and all of the recipes look delicious which is a first in a long time. Plus none of the recipes require frivolous ingredients that you need to spend a bomb on just so you can add 1tsp of it into your dish!

    She's So Lucy

  10. I really like these kind of posts!

  11. I love these posts Suzie! I'm going to have to look into ballet beautiful & I 100% agree about pinterest inspiration. I love it!

  12. I wear my white converse like every single day.. they are the best!

    xoxo Mollie

  13. love this post <3 I literally live in my white converse!xx

  14. I won't bother showing you what needs to be spell checked as you just delete my comment and then make the correction, but you need to spell check on obvious error.

    1. Thank you for yet another comment on my spelling and grammar. I think it's wonderful that you've appointed yourself as my personal proof reader and whilst it's very flattering that you care this much to correct every mistake in every blog post, there must be better things for you to be doing with your time - please do them. No one is perfect, and I'm not marketing my blog as being the best written or spelt, but more than anything, if it annoys you so much then please stop reading.

    2. No I know you're not marketing it as the best written, but if it's your full time job you should put some effort in to checking such simple things.
      I wouldn't count it as flattering, I just bloody know how to read (and write).

    3. No it is flattering, you check back here daily! It's lovely that you care so much :)

  15. I totally agree with you about the nutrition books! I've actually written a review about Eat Pretty here:

    http://Pretty and Chic

  16. I love Pinterest!

    Alisha xx

  17. I'm absolutely addicted to Pinterest! I'm going to look into the Ballet Beautiful videos as well, they look like fun! Great post :)

    xo, Liz

  18. I've actually done ballet for quite a long time when I was younger, but I highly doubt that it was comparable to the adult classes you're taking in any way :D

  19. I've been addicted to Pinterest for the longest time now, and I find it so inspirational when your feeling in a bit of a rut. And how can you not love that new Lisa Eldridge tutorial? It's perfect for the weather we've been having!


  20. I really want to get the Get The Glow book! It looks so interesting!

  21. I'd love to do ballet, that's such a cool activity to start doing! Need to get back on the pin-wagon myself actually, it's usually my favourite unwinder

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  22. I love Pinterest, it's such a great source of inspiration and it makes me feel relaxed as well! I might try those ballet workout videos because sometimes I wish that my mom had put me in ballet classes when I was little haha, it's just so graceful :) And I will definitely need to go on a summer shoes hun! x

  23. Thanks for the ballet playlist! I'm definitely trying that! x

  24. I would so love to get back into ballet again. I danced when I was younger and love the idea of returning to it as a form of workout! x

  25. Pinterest is SO my thing... I LOVE it and could be on there for hours. It is addicting... Very interesting post I really enjoyed reading. Keep it up!

    Juliana Grace |

  26. Oh I want to try ballet beautiful! I've done sleek technique workouts before and they are great too! :)

    Milli x

  27. I've been totally getting into Pinterest as well!

    Lorna | xx

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Whoops!

      I love Pinterest! I'm so obsessed with it. I think of it as a super hub for resources. I also need to look for some spring/summer shoes. Boots are not the best idea to be wearing in Florida for the summer time!

      Hazel @

  29. Beautiful girl, love your life style.

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