by Suzie Bonaldi



Day to Night Get Ready With Me

I very rarely go out for dinner in London anywhere remotely fancy - normally a good burger or mexican dish will do so things are always way more on the casual side. But I stayed at Shoreditch House with St. Tropez a few weeks back and was dead set on filming a little Get Ready With Me before dinner!

If you couldn't guess by the video, Charlotte Tilbury products are rocking my world right now. They are just so perfect that I can't not buy more and currently have a Selfridges basket ready to drop that is full of her stuff. In particular the Eyes to Mesmerise are incredible, they blend so beautifully and give an amazing dimension and sheen to the eyes whilst photographing beautifully and just being all round long lasting. The soon to be released lipstick in 1975 Red is also the perfect bold lip for summer time and with it being a matte formula it's not going anywhere!

Aside from good old CT, the one thing I'm also obsessing over at the moment is the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser. It's been whipped out of the muji storage and I can't use anything else right now - it's almost criminal that I forgot about it for so long!


  1. Such a pretty look! That Charlotte Tilbury lipstick is dreamy!

    Sophie x | SophiesMakeupBlog

  2. You look gorgeous! I'm definitely trying this look out tonight !
    Céline xx

  3. That lipstick is heavenly, I can't wait for it to be released! Gorgeous makeup as always :)

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  4. Your makeup looks flawless! Love it!

  5. such a divine look! love the lipstick, pulls everything together x

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  6. Love the look you created!! xoxo

  7. That lipstick is so pretty! I love Charlotte Tilburys stuff!

  8. I recently picked up that Chanel powder/bronzer and I move it so much!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  9. This was such a lovely video! The Pandora pieces are stunning. x

  10. Gorgeous look! I love that lipstick shade on you, it's stunning! x

  11. You look amazing Suzie, I love the bold lip color! I definitely need to save up for a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick now xx

    Justine x | teenfolk

  12. I must invest in some more products from CT. I’ve just hit pan on my CT Bronze & Glow and could cry!

  13. Ooh such luxury products! That lipstick looks amazing on you :)

  14. That CT lipstick is unreal! So gorgeous!

  15. I'm in love with the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, the formula is great and this shade is stunning!

  16. Your make-up looks gorgeous in this video - really fresh!


  17. The lipstick is such a pretty colour

    Alisha xx

  18. Loved this video, I can't get enough of a winged eye and red lip combo! x

    Always, Alice

  19. I really appreciate how you put the focus on something else than the brand that's advertised in the video :) (it was obvious you tried to do it in the actual video by spending a lot of time on the make up but it's even done better in this post!)
    Well done Suzie

  20. Such a gorgeous and elegant look! Within the last few months I picked up the NARS tinted moisturizer and am loving it, the finish is so lovely too!
    Beautyosaurus Lex

  21. beautiful look!

    sachie //

  22. Loveee the way you take photos for your blog! Its so pretty :)
    XO Janina

  23. I always find myself sporting a red lip as my night time look, it just makes sense and works!

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