The Return of La Maison Remy Martin


La Maison Remy Martin made a return to Soho this month after its major success last year. The townhouse lies hidden away deep in the heart of London's Soho and is home to four floors of various tastes and experiences. 

They kicked things off with their exclusive launch on November 2nd and very kindly gave me membership so I could have access to a wealth of Rémy Martin cocktails and do some serious people watching. The latter is no joke as the place star studded and I was particularly excited about getting a tiny glimpse at their current brand ambassador, Jeremy Renner (no black widow or iron man in tow though unfortunately). 

With a plus one available I took Alix along with me, and after a few hours of cocktails and experiencing everything the townhouse had to offer, we wandered through Soho in search of some hearty food before making our way home. The best way to spend a Novemeber evening in London frankly. 

Members of the townhouse can attend events hosted by talented London craftsmen and celebrities, as well as to enjoy a selection of fine Cognacs and Rémy Martin cocktails created by some of London’s best bartenders.

La Maison Rémy Martin will be open until Friday 27th November and you can apply for membership here!



  1. Sounds like a lovely place! x looove your pics, Suzie!

  2. I'd love to go there but I live in Sweden so I'll have to keep on dreaming haha! Looks lovely :)

    all the best x

  3. Gorgeous photos! I love your outfit!

    xo, Liz

  4. perfect

  5. I love a townhouse. Must make a visit here sometime before Christmas x

    Wonky Lauren

  6. Looks like a lovely way to spend an evening, beautiful pictures as always Suzie!

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  8. The photography for this post is incredible, Suzie! I love the vibe you've created, looking at the photos I almost feel like I'm there!

    xx Raisie

  9. the balmain dress just suits you so well. i love it.

  10. Looking gorgeous in this dress Suzie! Also lucky you!!! :)

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  11. These photos are looking so lovely !

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  12. Looks amazing, and you look great too x

  13. Looks like it was a great event!!
    best wishes

  14. So pretty, love the photos!


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